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    Every year churches and individuals set aside one Sunday, often the 2nd Sunday in December, to celebrate all that God is doing through FireBibles around the world. We produce free promotional materials for each annual FireBible Sunday theme. ..   Learn More


    The Bible Alliance is a growing ministry made up of churches and individuals that are dedicated to producing the FireBible® in the major languages of the world...   LEARN MORE

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    Bible Alliance is actively working to translate the Word of God into the different languages of the world. All languages listed are currently in progress...   Learn More

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    Game Changers is a ministry of the Bible Alliance. Its sole purpose is to advance the production of FireBibles® on a monthly basis...   Learn More

Game Changers

Game Changers is a ministry of the Bible Alliance.  It’s sole purpose is to advance the ministry of Bible Alliance and FireBible® by providing up-to-date information to the Game Changers members.

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  • March 2018 Newsletter

    POSTED: 04/05/2018

    Dear Game Changer, 2018 is already off to a great start! We launched the Lisu FireBiblein January and the Greek FireBible about 2 weeks ago. And these 2 launches are just the beginning…the next 21 months are going to be LIKE NEVER BEFORE! As I mentioned in our email newsletter last month, we have a […]

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  • December 2017 Newsletter

    POSTED: 02/08/2018

    Dear Game Changer, 2017 is coming to an end and I am already expectant of all that God is going to do in 2018! There are several launches of FireBibles in store and I can’t wait to share them with you as they occur. We will kick off the new year with our first launch […]

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