June 2016 Newsletter


Many of us think of Greece from a context of being of historical importance to Christianity, but many Greek speakers still need resources in order to learn and understand the Word of God. In recent years we have been asked to produce the FireBible in the Greek language and your faithful monthly giving as a Game Changer is making this edition a reality. Here are some testimonies from Greece about this edition:

“The New Testament, as most people know, was written in Greek. The Greek world (Greeks and Greek-speakers) welcomed the Gospel with joy, considering it the ‘supreme philosophy’ as attested to by Justin the Martyr (AD 157), which ushered the Church into its historical triumph and mankind into a cultural leap. However, as it is often said, although the Greeks brought the light to many areas of civilization, they fell into the darkness…The potential of the FireBible in Greece and throughout the worldwide Greek community, with its well-structured commentary and notes will be a source of renewal for the faithful, a source of inspiration for the new believers, as well as a helping hand for those studying the Scriptures and especially useful for studies in the Word. The Greeks, who from time immemorial “spent their time in nothing else, but either to tell, or to hear some new thing” (Acts 17:21) have not changed very much and will be delighted and strengthened by this latest edition of the Holy Bible that is accompanied by the inspired commentary of the FireBible .”
HRISTOS S. HALKIAS, The Apostolic Faith, Inc.

“Although Christianity is predominant in the Greek culture and many Bible truths and stories are part of our everyday conversations, access to information regarding the background and history of Biblical narratives was somewhat a privilege of those fortunate enough to have access to a library or participated in theological studies. The average believer had limited resources at their disposal. It is refreshing to hear that such a resource will be made available to believers and scholars in the Greek community. They will now be able to have such vital information, history and commentary available within a single book. The study of God’s Word is a never-ending process, but it will be greatly enhanced for Greeks everywhere now that they will have so much information and explanation all in one place.”
NICOLETA ZAGA Ph. D. in Philosophy, School of Philosophy, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

“The Greek FireBible will be a blessing to Greeks everywhere, especially to those in more isolated areas of Greece who do not have access to resources, seminars and Bible schools. It will be an oasis of knowledge for Greeks who have immigrated around the world and long for Biblical knowledge in their mother-tongue. It will encourage believers to study the Word even more fervently.”

We are almost finished with the Greek FireBible and hope to go to print and launch this edition in the Spring of 2017. What a day it will be to distribute the Word of God in the land where Paul preached to the church in Athens (Acts 17) about an unknown God. We know that the Greek FireBible will lift the darkness and proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ to this country and Greek speakers worldwide. Thank you for your role in making this FireBible a reality…thank you for changing the game for Greece!

Jeffrey W. Dove
The Bible Alliance
Life Publishers