December 2016 Newsletter


As we are wrapping up 2016 and preparing for a new year I want to take a moment and celebrate with you all we have accomplished together. Because of your faithful monthly support of FireBibles, we have launched 4 new language editions during 2016: Urdu, Farsi, Japanese, and Italian. That represents 4 full biblical texts, along with 77 articles on biblical topics, extensive notes throughout that explain the work of the Holy Spirit, biblical maps, and more in each edition.

Some of these people groups have had access to Christianity and the Bible for centuries, while others are barred from the good news of Jesus Christ and the salvation only He can bring altogether. But the Holy Spirit is drawing people from every nation, tribe, and language, and together we provided them with God’s Word in their heart language, the language they know and understand.

You may have had a successful 2016, or perhaps you struggled with the various issues of life. Nevertheless, you still gave sacrificially to help produce FireBibles, and the magnitude of your giving is infinite, its scope unmeasurable. As this year comes to a close, please know that your giving encouraged a pastor in a faraway place with a “one book Bible school”…you supplied a leader with the tools necessary to disciple others and help them grow in their knowledge of the Lord…you made the Word of God available for perhaps the first time to a believer in a shrouded corner of the world.

Your monthly support of FireBibles made it possible for us to complete these editions and distribute them world-wide. You made a difference this year…I say it over and over, but you really changed the game for countless pastors, believers, and leaders around the globe. Thank you for your belief in FireBibles…your commitment to the Lord does not go unnoticed, and His Word will not return void!

As 2017 approaches, I look forward with excitement as we begin 3 new India languages (Marathi, Gujarati, and Odia). We will also continue working on the 28 projects currently underway. We have 3 languages that will launch in early 2017, Nepali, Korean, and Lisu. Please keep these 3 projects in prayer as we are coming close to completion and need divine guidance and strength for the home stretch! We have a large task ahead of us, but with God’s help, we will complete it. I thank you for your vital role in this mission and I pray that this next year is filled with His purpose and blessing on you!

Yours for the Word,

Jeffrey W. Dove
The Bible Alliance
Life Publishers