What languages has the FireBible been printed?

Albanian (NT), Amharic, Arabic, Bengali, Bulgarian, Burmese, Cebuano, Chichewa, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Kids Traditional, Chinese Simplified, Croatian, Czech, English (Life in the Spirit Edition, ESV, KJV, MEV, NIV), English Global Edition (NIV), English Global Edition (KJV), English FireBible for Kids (NKJV, NIV), English Student Edition (ESV, MEV, NIV), Farsi, French, German, Greek, Hausa, Hebrew, Hindi, Igbo, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Khmer, Lao, Lisu, Malagasy, Malayalam, Mongolian, Moore, Nepali, North Korean (NT), Polish (NT), Portuguese, Portuguese for Kids, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swahili, Tagalog, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Tiddim Chin, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu, Yoruba.

What is the FireBible?

FireBible is the name for the international language editions of the Full Life Study Bible*, one of the few Pentecostal study Bibles in existence.

Often referred to as a one-book Pentecostal library, this study Bible contains 77 theme articles, a concordance, 43 maps and charts, introductions to each book of the Bible, and Pentecostal study notes.

The Full Life Study Bible was started in the early 1980s as an individual missionary project by the late missionary Don Stamps (1938-1991). While serving in Brazil, he recognized a great need among pastors and lay workers for a study Bible written from a Pentecostal perspective. Soon after the completion of the Pentecostal notes, Don went to be with the Lord following a struggle with cancer

A short time later, Assemblies of God World Missions leaders saw the worldwide potential for this Pentecostal study Bible and asked Life Publishers to begin producing it in the major languages of the world.

Today, pastors and lay workers in Burma, China, India, Indonesia, Madagascar, Russia and many other countries have access to this study Bible in their language. The FireBible is now available in 46 language editions, with 37 more in process.

*The Life in the Spirit Study Bible (Full Life Study Bible in English) is sold in many U.S. Christian bookstores.

Where can I buy a FireBible?

You can find a list of distributors here. Please note that certain distributors may not have specific versions of the FireBible.

Where did the name FireBible come from?

It was first called the FireBible by believers in mainland China – after they received their Bibles in Chinese – because of its Pentecostal message. The Bible Alliance adopted that name because it is very appropriate. The FireBible is fueling the flames of Pentecostal revival around the world.

Is there a FireBible in large print?

Yes! It will be available in August of 2017 from 2 distributors, http://myhealthychurch.com and http://christianbook.com.

Who is Don Stamps?

Don-Stamps-213x300Donald Stamps (1938-1991) received the vision, call and urgency from God to begin work on the Full Life Study Bible (now called the FireBible) in 1980. He and his wife, Linda, were missionaries to Brazil at the time. Don realized the great need to provide pastors and Christian workers a study Bible with notes that have a Pentecostal emphasis.

After presenting the idea to Assemblies of God World Missions leaders and receiving approval for the project, Don diligently started work on the Full Life Study Bible. In 1990 he was diagnosed with cancer. Shortly after he finished work on the Bible and its Pentecostal notes, Don went to be with the Lord.

In 1993 Assemblies of God World Missions leaders approved a project to produce the FireBible in the major languages of the world. Today, Bible Alliance has helped translate and produce the FireBible in languages around the globe. There are 50 editions available in 40 languages, with 34 editions in progress for 20 languages.

What version is the FireBible?

We work with Bible societies around the globe to obtain the best quality translation available in each language. These texts are not translated from versions such as the NIV, KJV, or any other translation available here in the United States.

What is the FireBible Fund?

The FireBible Fund is a donor advised fund (DAF) through AG Financial Solutions. It is a type of charitable giving program that allows you to combine the most favorable tax benefits with the flexibility to support the Bible Alliance at any time. For more details on the FireBible Fund, contact us.

You can participate in the FireBible Legacy Fund by helping provide the FireBible to honor someone you love. It’s a gift that keeps ministering for years to come and can be given at any time of the year for any occasion: Anniversary, Birthday, Christmas or Easter, Father’s or Mother’s Day, Funeral/Death of a Loved One. Once we receive your gift, we will send a beautiful card of acknowledgement to the name and address you provide, telling them of your special gift.

How can I help?

Prayer: We are always in need of your prayers. Pray that the Word of God would be published and reach the lost peoples of the world. Pray that we will be able to partner with churches all over the world and help give them the FireBible in their language. Pray that the fire of God’s Word would inspire Christ’s followers around the globe to share the saving message of the Gospel, and through it many may come into the Kingdom.

Giving: Visit our Giving page for ways to contribute to Bible Alliance.

Fundraising ideas for your church: We have a variety of resources available for you to use that promote our most recent FireBible projects. From promoting our Bible Sunday program to DVD’s, we can send any available resources you request. Click here for more information.

Can I give through automatic payments?

Yes, you can setup automatic payments online by visiting our secure giving site or by contacting the Assemblies of God Contributor Services office at 877.840.4800 for information. For all other giving questions, please go to our Giving page.