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Game Changers is a ministry of the Bible Alliance. Its sole purpose is to advance the ministry of Bible Alliance and FireBible® by providing up-to-date information to the Game Changers members, such as: annual theme and language focuses, new launches, and language progress and development. Game Changers monthly contributions will be applied to advancing the work and projects of Bible Alliance.

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We want to keep you up-to-date about FireBibles!

Text GAMECHANGERS to 95577 from your smartphone. You will receive an auto reply that you have successfully signed up. Please respond to the text instructions to provide your name. As progress is being made at a rapid pace, we would like to keep you informed with a brief weekly text about current projects, testimonies, and upcoming launches. Standard text messaging & data rates will apply. We will not share your phone numbers with 3rd parties. We will not use this form of communication to ask for money.

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