Our Mission and History

What is the ministry of Bible Alliance?

The Bible Alliance is a growing ministry made up of churches and individuals that are dedicated to producing the FireBible in the major languages of the world. There are many study Bibles readily available in the English language to help us understand and rightly divide the Word. However, there are those in the world that are not as blessed. Most Pentecostals worldwide have no study Bible, much less a Pentecostal study Bible, in a language they can read and understand. The Bible Alliance, with your help, is changing that equation through the production of the FireBible. It is an awesome task, and we continue to need your help to provide FireBibles for national pastors and lay workers overseas. Visit our Projects page to see which FireBibles are already ministering around the world as well as those that are still in process.

FB-WS-High-Ress-Transparent-512x236What is the FireBible?

FireBible is the name for the international language editions of the Full Life Study Bible, one of the few Pentecostal Study Bibles in existence.
As the largest Pentecostal Study Bible in the world, the FireBible is meant to be a one-book Pentecostal library. It contains 77 theme articles, 45 maps and charts, introductions to each book of the Bible, and study notes formatted from a Pentecostal world-view. The FireBible is being translated and distributed in multiple languages across the globe and, as a one-book library, has been a tremendous resource for pastors and church leaders.

Don-Stamps-213x300Beginning in the 1980’s, the Full Life Study Bible was the missionary project and vision of late missionary Donald Stamps (1938-1991). While serving in Brazil, brother Stamps recognized a great need in the church for a study Bible written from a Pentecostal perspective. He began creating a series of notes that would accompany Scripture throughout the entire Bible. Though struggling with cancer, he continued to work and write believing this Bible would be completed. In 1991, shortly after finishing his notes and submitting them for publishing, Don Stamps went to be with the Lord.

In 1996, the Assemblies of God World Missions leaders saw the potential for this Bible to be used around the world, and assigned the project to Life Publishers. Since that time, over 50 languages have been produced, with over 10 million in print worldwide, and other language editions continually being published.

FireBible Timeline
1992- Full Life Study Bible: written for a serious study of the Word with the basic assumption that the reader had some biblical foundation/knowledge. (Out of print and no longer available except for remaining stock.)

2003- Life in the Spirit Study Bible: an adaptation of the Full Life Study Bible composed by Zondervan. Slight edits were done and some material moved from the notes into call-out boxes. (Available with Zondervan’s imprint. Can be ordered through My Healthy Church.)

2007- FireBible Student Edition: re-edited with the student in mind, theological terms were more clearly explained, assuming the reader would not have an in depth knowledge of biblical principles and concepts. (Carries the dual Hendrickson Publishers/Life Publishers imprint. Available at My Healthy Church.)

2009- FireBible Global Study Edition: re-edited to reach a broader English-reading audience (those reading English as a 2nd language) assuming as well the reader would not have a clear in depth knowledge of biblical principles and contents. Removed student specific content and edited for clarity and cultural neutrality. (Carries the dual Hendrickson Publishers/Life Publishers imprint. Available at My Healthy Church.)

2011- FireBible for Kids: a real Bible with real study helps targeted for children. Designed for a 5th grade reading level, articles and selected notes edited especially for children ages 8-12. (Available at My Healthy Church.)

2012- FireBible King James Version: like the original Global Study Edition, this version was especially adapted for the traditional King James Scripture text.