Ilocano FireBible


About Ilocano FireBible

Ilocano is the third most spoken language in the Philippines. The heaviest concentration of speakers is on northern Luzon Island, although Ilocanos have populated many regions of the Philippines. On Luzon, many different dialects are spoken, but when the people come together they speak Ilocano; it is the common language understood by all. The Ilocano FireBible will benefit many pastors like Domminador Lopez in Baguio City.

“Many people are teaching false doctrines in this northern Luzon Island region: the Latter Day Saints, a growing Muslim population, and more. The Ilocano FireBible, with its commentary, articles and notes, will help our pastors and lay leaders to understand and teach the truth of God’s Word to combat these false teachings. We know also that this Bible will help many of our lay leaders who are conducting Bible studies and will eventually answer God’s call to go plant churches all over the Ilocano region, which extends about 300 miles north to south on Luzon.”

– Pastor Domminador Lopez
Baguio Assembly City Church – Luzon, Philippines