The FireBible is a full-featured study Bible with an emphasis on the person and work of the Holy Spirit. The scholarship of the FireBible’s study material—edited and reviewed by a panel of pastors and renowned Bible scholars—is unsurpassed for a serious study of the Scriptures. It also offers the reader a practical understanding and application of Scripture that leads to a solid foundation in God’s Word, a deeper relationship with Christ, and an awareness of the Holy Spirit’s activity.


  • Extensive commentary and notes
  • Comprehensive book introductions
  • More than 70 articles
  • A concordance
  • 45 reference maps and charts
  • ThemefindersTM
  • Subject Index
  • One Year Reading Plan

These resources help to provide understanding of Scripture. Passages and spiritual truths are dealt with in a clear and concise manner.


A total of 77 articles appear throughout the Old and New Testaments to strengthen the reader’s knowledge and understanding of important doctrinal and practical topics.

  • Effective Praying
  • Assurance of Salvation
  • Divine Healing
  • Jesus and the Holy Spirit
  • Faith and Grace
  • Worship
  • Parents and Children
  • Spiritual Gifts for Believers
  • Bible Training for Christians
  • Caring for the Poor and Disadvantaged


Utilizing a unique cross-referencing system, 12 ThemefindersTM in the Old and New Testaments link key biblical themes related to life in the Spirit.

  • Faith that moves mountains
  • Healing
  • Witnessing
  • Salvation
  • Second Coming
  • Victory over Satan and demons
  • Overcoming the world and worldliness
  • Praise
  • Fruit of the Holy Spirit
  • Gifts of the Holy Spirit
  • Baptized in/Filled with the Holy Spirit
  • Walking in obedience and righteousness


Custom-designed, mega-charts visually portray the following topics, such as:

  • Old Testament Prophecies Fulfilled in Christ
  • The Kingdom of God Versus the Kingdom of Satan
  • The Gifts of the Holy Spirit
  • The Work of the Holy Spirit
  • The Last Days of History
  • The Ministry of Jesus


The subject index helps a reader quickly locate key Scriptures relating to a particular subject. Hundreds of entries assist the reader in finding the location of persons or special subjects found throughout the Scripture text, study notes, articles and book introductions.


Sixteen full-color maps are indexed to help the reader reference and understand geographical elements of events and teachings recorded in Scripture.


A Bible reading plan is provided to help read and study the entire Bible in one year.